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Scheduled Flights

Fly from London Heathrow and Manchester with Tunisair or from Gatwick airport with British Airways in to Tunis Carthage International airport and Manchester to Enfidha with Tunisair. Both airlines offer a comfortable, convenient and inexpensive route into to Tunisia taking approximately 3 hours each way. Tunisair fly from Heathrow on Tuesday, Thursdya Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each week throughtout the year and on Wednesdays and Saturdays from Manchester. British Airways fly every day except Tuesday and Thursday.

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For travellers looking for added comfort it is possible to fly Business class / Club Europe at an attractively priced supplement with the additional advantage of relaxing in an executive lounge before your flight.

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Charter Flights

Tunisia First also arranges holidays with flights into Enfidha Airport (conveniently located halfway between Hammamet and Sousse) from most UK regional airports.

Addtitional Services

Tunisia First can also organise overnight airport car parking, hotel accommodation and travel insurance at special rates.

Passports and Visas

UK passport holders, irrespective of national status, may enter Tunisia with a passport valid for at least the period of stay and stay for up to three months without a visa. Other nationalities may require visas and should call the 24 hour helpline on 0906 5508 977 or the Tunisian Embassy on 0207 584 8117 between 09:30 to 13:00 Monday to Friday.


There are no compulsory health requirements for visiting Tunisia although we recommend that you contact your general practitioner if you have any concerns.

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