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Hammamet (transfer time from Tunis Airport 60 minutes)

Hammamet Medina Hammamet, with its fortress dating back to the 15th century and old Medina, has developed into a fine holiday resort that still retains a great deal of its cultural background.

Well-appointed hotels, to suit all tastes and budgets, are dotted along the beautiful bay stretching north and south from the town's centre.

You'll find every watersport catered for along its golden sandy beaches and golf enthusiasts will find two superb courses just ten minutes drive away.

Those seeking quiet solitude should stay north of the town whilst holidaymakers looking for a little more life outside of their holiday hotel can travel south for a good choice of restaurants, bars and night spots.

Featured Hotels
Hotel Sindbad (5* BB/HB/HB+)
Radisson Blu Resort (5* BB/HB)
Sentido Aziza Beach (4* HB/AI)
Sentido Phenicia (4* HB/AI)
Sentido Le Sultan (4* BB/HB/AI)
Bel Azur (4* HB/AI)
Mediterranee Thalasso Golf (3* AI)
Residence Romane (3* BB/HB)
Residence Villamar (4* BB/SC)

Fortress looking out to seaWhat to see:
A must see is the former house and gardens of one of Hammamet's most famous residents Georges Sebastian. Between 1932 and 1962 the Sebastian's house welcomed the most talented creators, the most famous intellectuals and some of the most important personalities of this century including Field Marshall Rommel and Sir Winston Churchill.

Now the theatre of International Cultural Centre of Hammamet, you can make a tour of the house and gardens, enjoy refreshments around the sumptuous pool and during the balmy summer months enjoy the Arts in the delightful open-air amphitheatre.

Do visit the old Medina, but take a tip and go in via the back entrance, that way you can take in the style of the place then surprise the keepers of the souks!

You can also buy a range of goods in the modern fixed price shops

Where to go:
Souvenir shop Hammamet is ideally placed for visiting the Cap Bon region, often described at the 'Garden of Tunisia'. Close by is the region's capital Nabeul, recognised as the leading town for Tunisian craftsmanship, where you'll find pottery (an activity which dates back to the Roman times), embroidery and the distillation of perfumes using orange blossom, jasmine and geranium etc. A colourful market is held every week on a Friday.

You can join a range of half and full day excursions that visit all the important sites as well as a mini-safari to the sahara.

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Getting around:
The nearest mainline train station is approximately 15 minutes taxi ride away at Bir Bou Regba (aka. Bir Bou Rekba).

Just outside the town and on the main route to Tunis are two Golf Clubs of international standard. Golf Citrus has two 18-hole championship courses "La Foret" the forest and "Les Oliviers" the olive trees, both par 72. Guests of Hotel Aziza, Aziza Residence, the Mediterranee, Hotel Sindbad and Iberostar Phenicia can enjoy reduced green fees. Golf Yasmine is an 18-hole par 72 course of 6115 metres by architect Ronald Fream which has a 9 hole school course. Green fees in Tunisia are amongst the most reasonable in Europe and tee-off times and green fees can be pre-booked and prepaid in the UK before you travel.

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