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Kerkennah Islands

For simple serenity and captivating beauty stay on Kerkennah.

This is a serenity you can enjoy when you take a trip along the coast in a 'loud' - a traditional flat-bottomed boat with a triangular sail - sliding gently acrosss a glassy sea.

Kerkennah does not have many hotels either; so you can peacefully enjoy all the pleasures of the seaside.

Just one hour from Sfax the Kerkennah archipelago has a captivating personality with unusual traditions - reflecting many exchanges with other Mediterranean countries.

History and culture

In Kerkennah, evidence of the distant past is also to be found. Fishing is still done with techniques used by our ancestors and the old fortress of Borj el-Hissar is a reminder that the island was once coveted by the Spanish, the Venetians and the Turks.

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