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Sousse and Hammam Sousse
(transfer time from Tunis Airport 105 minutes and Monastir Airport 35 minutes)

Tunisia's third largest city Sousse, is a great place to be if you want to get around Tunisia using public transport and will suit the independent tourist seeking both a holiday and access to places of interest. There's a working port right in the centre and a Medina steeped in history and surrounded by its own fortifications. Rail connections to the north and south provide holidaymakers with an easy escape to other tourist sites. Sousse is the capital of the Sahel area and the beginning of an olive grove covering more than 250,000 hectares, a natural treasure and very important to the economy of the whole country. You'll find many of the hotels are on the Route de la Corniche along with the best places to eat. Don't miss the Sunday market where you can buy anything from a mule to a motorbike. To the north and enroute to Port El Kantaoui is the suburb known as Hammam Sousse with its own beach, shops and cafes.

Featured Hotels
Movenpick Resort (5* BB/HB/FB/AI)
Tej Marhaba (4* BB/HB/AI)
Riadh Palms (4* HB/AI)
Marhaba Royal Salem (4* HB/AI)
El Faracha (2* BB)

What to see: Sousse is a city full of interest with most of the major attractions in and around the Medina with its ancient ramparts. Here you can find the Khalel Al Fata Tower a lighthouse erected in 859 AD and The 8th century Ribat a fortress which was part of a chain of similar coastal buildings whose job it was to defend the country from foreign invaders. The Great Mosque where horseshoe arches surround a stately courtyard was built by the Aghlabid Emir Abou El Abbes Mohammed in 850 AD. The Sousse Museum, with a pleasant garden in its midst, contains a collection of Roman mosaics which rival those in Bardo. Having taken in the history join the throng of people haggling for a bargain in the many souks which form part of the rich life to be found in this superb Medina.

Sousse Medina


Where to go: Just 15 minutes away by Noddy train or taxi is Port El Kantaoui. Not far away is Monastir birthplace of the former leader President Bourguiba with its famous family mausoleum of the same name. Take the train north to Tunis and spend a day in Tunisia's capital city from where you can visit the Bardo Museum or make connections to Carthage and the pretty fishing village of Sidi Bou Said. Travelling south the train can transport you to El Djem an important Roman amphitheatre, the maritime oasis of Gabes and Sfax Tunisia's second largest city.

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