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Tamerza, Mides & Chebika
(transfer time 60 minutes from Tozeur Airport)

The mountain oases of Tamerza, Mides and Chebika are approximately one hour's drive from Tozeur. You can enjoy a complete holiday in the mountain oases or opt to include a stop in Tamerza as part of a tailor-made itinerary. Whatever your choice Tunisia First can organise the whole experience.

Panoramic view of Tamerza mountain range
Abandoned village in Tamerza


From Tozeur you pass through Chebika where the palm grove is at direct contrast with the ochre backdrop of the mountains. A narrow stream cascades out of the rocks not far from an old abandoned village. Tamerza with a refreshing waterfall is likened to a balcony overlooking the Sahara. Here you will find an abandoned village devastated by catastrophic flooding. Further on and almost on the Algerian border is Mides, a small and deserted village set up high that overlooks a sea of green palm and orange groves.

Your base for this intriguing holiday will be the 4 star Hotel Tamerza Palace from where you can wander round the empty village and in the evening admire the floodlit views.

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