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Tataouine (transfer time from Djerba Airport 1 hour 15 minutes)

Ideally located for visiting southern Tunisia and towns and villages bordering the Sahara Desert, Tataouine is an important market town for the south-east region. A cradle of several successive civilisations, today the past is inscribed on every rock of the majestic Ksours (fortified granaries formed by oblong cells, the "ghorfas") which dominate the whole area. Tataouine is a town where locals, many attired in traditional dress, meet to buy sell and exchange goods. The last Berber speaking villages of Tunisia are in this region.
  What to see: Tataouine - does the name sound familiar? It should do. The name featured in the Star Wars movie - Episode One The Phantom Menace. Many of the scenes were shot in the area. Do visit the town on market day where you can find locally produced ceramics, all forms of handicraft and colourful spices.

Where to go: The Berber villages of Chenini, Douiret and Ghomrassen. Ksar Haddada home to a tourist site of ghorfa dwellings which featured in the Star Wars movie. Ksar Ghilane - a desert oasis where you can camp in traditional Bedouin or luxury air-conditioned tents. Matmata, home of the cave-dwelling Troglodyte people, Douz, gateway town to the Sahara - market day Thursday and from where you can ride a camel into the Sahara and watch the sunrise or sunset.
Market Square in Tataouine
Spices on display in Tataoiune market square
Hotel Ksar Hadada - Star Wars "Phantom Menace" location set
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